B&O #C2222 at Bethesda

Memorial Day, May 30 1956. Weekday road crew from Eckington Yard was busy in Bethesda with an S2 for power. In this view you can see the "East" end of C2222 which differed from the West end in that it had four red reflectors on a plate in the middle of the end railing and no air whistle. View is looking South across Bethesda Ave.

UPDATE 5/23/20 - Notes on the Reading boxcar, seen to the left, from Steam Era Freightcars website: Class XMt, built by ACF 3/1925, series 100000 - 100499 (500 cars blt). 8'7" IH, Murphy ends. Cars changed over years, not very well documented. Is a USRA-derived design. May have had Taylor trucks.


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