The last train on the GB, March, 1985

Jack writes: Actually I believe that I was the last person to see a locomotive on the Georgetown branch. I was sitting in my office in the 7300 block of Wisconsin Ave one evening in March of 1985 and heard the unmistakable sound of a locomotive horn. I had not seen a train on the Georgetown branch in years and knew immediately what was happening since there had been news that the branch had been abandoned. I raced down and got in my car but couldn't find the locomotive, drove down Bethesda Avenue, down East West Highway, and saw it with about five boxcars passing underneath EW Highway. It was now dark and raced like crazy to Connecticut Avenue and pulled off onto the shoulder and managed to get a photo of the Chessie locomotive crossing Connecticut Avenue. Looking at it now it is just a blur of light with lights of the Esso station in the background being the predominent feature. I later found out that this locomotive was detailed to clear out all remaining rolling stock on sidings on the Georgetown branch and remove them before the line was officially closed. Photo courtesy Jack Toomey.


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