DC Transit (Glen Echo line) passing beneath the GB, (late 1950s)

Moments after the first pic was taken, the train blew its horn off in the distance and approached the tunnel. Train is westbound, headed to Georgetown.


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  • Paul on 2013-Sep-23 16:26:55 Paul said

    This can't be 1974 as Wikipedia says: "On January 3, 1960, the Glen Echo (Route 20), Friendship Heights (Route 30) & Georgia Avenue (Routes 70, 72, 74) streetcar lines were abandoned and the Southern Division (Maine Avenue) Car Barn was closed." ... More like 1959 when I last rode the line to Glen Echo.
  • Ben Sullivan on 2014-Mar-20 15:53:54 Ben Sullivan said

    Paul - Thank you! Unfortunately I missed your comment and just now got to updating the info. You are correct. When I input this info into the site, I was going on slide developing dates and unfortunately the photographer hadn't recorded the date of the actual photo. You are correct!

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