Chevy Chase Lake, facing North., ca. 1890s

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EDIT: I'm rewriting the description to this photo after a bit more research. This appears to be a photo copy of an image from a book. A copy of the original print found in an old trade book is at the Chevy Chase Historical Society. Here is the info from their catalog:
Photograph (1988.12.02):
Rock Creek Railway’s Chevy Chase Lake Terminus, 1892.
Courtesy of Leroy O. King, Jr.

This photo appeared in the January 14, 1893 issue of Electrical World. Featured in the right of the photo are the car barn and powerhouse in the background, the refreshment kiosk in the foreground. To the left of the frame, a B & O rail car can be seen crossing Connecticut. Today this old track is a "rails to trails" path used by cyclists and walkers.
This image is still my favorite. In the background you can see a B&O train spanning across the tracks. The powerhouse, seen to the far right, was one of the reasons the Branch was built. All in all, a real treasure of a photo.


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