#83 passes the Section House 5/15/49

At Georgetown Junction, the passenger train hammers past a string of hoppers waiting on the Westbound Silver Spring lead to the right. This offers the best view of the Section house I've seen. Look at the landscaping! So neat. I also noticed that there are 2 B&O style concrete whistle posts laying on the ground behind the house as well as a keg of spikes(?) next to the wall. Some tie plates are neatly stacked nearby next to some sort of hand carried box. There is a phone box (to the right, in front of the woman) which was, I think, used by crews to phone the dispatcher for clearances, etc.

From R.N. Nelson: "That shed was a double section crew shed, with one section gang working east and the other west from there. As a result it had two speeder cars in it. It sat on the site of the Woodside station which burned down in the 1920s. It is where 16th Street crosses the railroad today.

The phone both is getting permission to move out from the westbound siding on to the main or for using the crossover. The cars in the background are on the westbound siding, not the team track, which is way out of view on the other side of the railroad." "B+O RR No. 6, Eng No. 83 (82A - 82AX - 84 ) - 15 cars, Georgetown Jct., MD, 5/15/49, f4.5 - 1/350, verichrome"


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