Crossing Massachusetts Ave., (Mar 1977)

B&O GP9 6608 heads westbound across the nicely decorated bridge across Mass. Ave. Beneath the stone facade is a regular deck girder bridge. The facade, constructed in 1973, is located in a somewhat upscale area, thus the decor. Reporting marks: C-2958, B&O 486372,...


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  • Tom Kalbacher on 2016-Mar-17 18:06:31 Tom Kalbacher said

    That's where some of us got caught by Montgomery County's finest throwing a dummy dressed in a boy scout uniform off the bridge during rush hr as if he was committing suicide in the mid 60s
  • Christopher Parker on 2023-Jun-19 01:51:45 Christopher Parker said

    I remember when that bridge was reconstructed. It had been an arch facade, but when the road was widened the stones were taken down and reused.

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