Chevy Chase Lake, ca. 1931

This Curtiss Wright aerial shot is full of goodies. Overall direction is facing South along Conn. Av. The GB runs across the bottom of the frame. What you see is a long string of cars on the passing siding. The team track is directly above it. In the lower left hand corner you can see 2 Capital Traction (ex. Chevy Chase Lake & Kensington Railway) cars waiting at the carbarn (out of sight). The line will be abandoned 4 years later. Heading up Connecticut Ave., you can make out the terminal loop for the line, right in front of the Chevy Chase Pool. The Chevy Chase station of the CCL&KRy is there too. To the top one can make out some gardens and houses; these belonged to workers for the CCL&KRy. In the upper right corner is the Columbia Country Club. To the upper left is a pavilion & park part of the original complex built to attract people to the area in the mid 1890's. Note the tall water tower just above the two street cars.

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