Bethesda Yard

Bethesda Yard, facing to the East. Not much left, the branch tracks are in the grass between the gravel & tarmac parking lots. This is now a car dealership. Here is a link to a modern map of the area. Photo by Matthew G. Vurek.


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  • Bryan Piedramartel on 2013-Feb-03 01:15:41 Bryan Piedramartel said

    Had the economic circumstances been different, (more freight orders from the bcc area, and more chemical orders from the aquaduct,etc.) Do you think the likeness that Chessie/CSX could have built the Potomac crossing from the aquaduct, could have been fulfilled as originally planned by the B&O?
  • Ben Sullivan on 2014-Mar-27 15:01:37 Ben Sullivan said

    Bryan, Highly unlikely. There were so many economic factors in play to the reason the B&O never built south, mainly because at the time the potential Potomac River crossing was an option, the railroad was in receivership and out of money. Later, as you mention, when Chessie was operating the line (CSX never did) the cost of building the bridge and right-of-way would have been tremendous and not worthwhile. Also, pressure from the land owners around the branch line caused a lot of the slowdown in the line business and shift toward trucks, etc.

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