April 16, 2003: GB C&O Canal Bridges

Detail photos and descriptions of three unique bridges On April 16, 2003 I took a break while riding to work to snap a few shots of the bridges over the Canal. I couldn't leave my bike so I didn't get any great broadside shots of the Northernmost bridge, but I did get some excellent closeup shots. I have included a roughly sketched small map that I detailed to provide some orientation.

A few words about the bridges:

Bridge A appears to be a somewhat modified Howe Truss. It appears that counter braces have been added on each diagonal to add more strength.

Bridge B appears to be a Pin-Connected Whipple Trapezoidal Truss type. This is a rare type of bridge.

Bridge C appears to be a rather plain deck truss type bridge with the bridge ties (long gone) laying on top of the decking.

These are my observations. If you know otherwise, please let me know! I'm always on the lookout for more info about these relics! The best site I found for info is Bridges And Tunnels Of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, PA - Bridge Basics.

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